This Frontier Needs Heroes

It was such an honour to have This Frontier Needs Heroes play live at Algoma House. Frontman Brad Lauretti gripped the audience with his deep song lyrics and folk roots style. We can’t wait to have him back.

Tennyson King

Tennyson King put on an amazing show live at Algoma House. Not only were his song fantastic but his stage presents and personallity made him a joy to watch.

Tracy K

It was truly amazing having Tracy K perform at Algoma House. Her amazing voice and style we’re purely captivating and her stage play with Jamie Stinhoff was so much fun to watch. We can’t wait to have her back.

Norman Sponchia

Not only is Norman an amazing songwriter he’s also an incredibly supportive member of the Thunder Bay Music scene. We love listening to what Norm has to say both on & off the stage. We’re always extremely excited to have him and we’re proud to share one of his amazing songs with you now.

Mimi O'Bonsawin

Mimi O’Bonsawin was a true delight to have at Algoma House. During her performance, she played a brand new song entitled ” Best Dam Version” along with other great older songs including ” Brave”.

Mackinley Oliver

Mackinley Oliver put on an absolutely outstanding performance at Algoma House. His amazing tricks and illusions had the entire audience in amazement. In addition to outstanding tricks, Oliver had a massive amount of showmanship that made his show a must see. We really can’t wait for him to reappear at Algoma House.


Casati performed beautifully Algoma House. Their heartfelt and intricate songs filled the room perfectly and had audience members wanting more. Along with great songs, Casati also played a variety of interesting instruments which perked the curiosity of the crowd. We can wait to see what they bring to the next show.

Nolan Jodes

Nolan Jodes just plain killed it at Algoma House. Such amazing songs and an outstanding voice. We can’t wait to have him back.

Layten Kramer

Layten Kramer could very well be the definition of cool. I mean just listen to his amazing laid back style.

Layten Kramer

Jesalynn Beebe has such passion and honestly in her songs. We can’t wait for her next Algoma House show.

Ellen Froese

Ellen Froese’s performance at Algoma House was outstanding. Ellen’s incredible songwriting skills mixed with her laid-back personality help create the perfect listening atmosphere.

Craig Smyth

Having super talented neighbours like Craig Smyth is unreal. This beauty of a man lives just two short blocks away and often blows our minds with amazing live performance, just like this.

Peach Pyramid

Peach Pyramid rocked Algoma House with their amazing sound and unreal lyrics. Not only did the band kill it on stage but they were really cool to hang out with. Such great performers and people will always be welcome at Algoma House.

A New Ground

A New Ground was nothing less than fantastic during their live set at Algoma House. Their mix of folk and modern music was the perfect blend for our live audience. We simply can’t wait until they return.

Zachary Lucky

Zachary Lucky is an amazing country artist and one hell of a performer. Having him play Algoma House was both a pleasure and an honour. Zachary’s thick soul full voice was truly captivating. We enjoyed his performance so much we’d decided to share the entire show with you.

The Old Salt

We can all agree that having the Old Salts perform at Algoma House was a treat. Their rugged and folky style was captivating. Their wicked guitar and mandolin solos were the perfect addition to their gang vocals and overall sound.

Joe Vickers

Joe Vickers put on an outstanding performance at Algoma House. Joe’s brilliantly poetic songs had fans hanging off his every word. Also, his killer dance moves brought up the energy of the room, and his amazing personality had people wanting more.

Stevo Lane

What a joy and pleasure it was to have Stevo Lane perform at Algoma House. Stevo’s creative and catchy songs captivated every audience member. We can’t wait for his next Canadian Tour.

Brooklyn Doran

We love having Brooklyn preform at Algoma House. Her incredible voice and awesome personality are so undeniable we had to have her on the show a second time.

Clay Breiland

It was a true pleasure to have Clay Breiland perform at Algoma House. Clay is a gifted singer-songwriter, guitar slinger and audio engineer. All of his skills combined made for one amazing night. Check out some of Clay’s work below

Derek Harrison

Having Derek Harrison perform at Algoma House was truly amazing. His genuine and honest songs captivated the audience and had them hanging on his every word.

Norman Sponchia

Norman Sponchia was such a delight to have play at Algoma House. Norman’s clever, heartfelt songs were created the perfect mood for every audience member.

Rory Taillon

Rory Taillon put on an amazing performance at Algoma House. Rory’s passionate songs and powerful voice had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Abigail Lapell

It was so amazing having Abigail Lapell perform at Algoma House. Not only is she incredibly talented, she’s also incredibly kind and a blast to be around. For those reasons and many others we can’t wait to have Abigail Lapell back at Algoma House

Nick Sherman

Hearing Nick Sherman play his new songs at Algoma House was a joy and a pleasure. As a long time fan, I can say Nick’s songwriting is maturing like a fine wine.

Emily Kohne

 Having Emily Kohne perform at Algoma House is so amazing. She’s such a talented and joyful person with a lot of great songs. Her relaxed personality and kind nature only add to her already awesome music.

Ruby Reds and The Silver Lining

Ruby Reds and The silver lining are amazing guys with amazing songs.  Their super chill vibes make them a joy to be around and their amazing songs always put me in a good mood.

Cat Jahnke

Cat Jahnke’s songs straight up take you to another world that you never want to leave. Not only is she super talented but she a real sweetheart. A true friend and musician for sure.

Jimmy Breslin

Hearing up and coming music from Jimmy Breslin is always amazing. I can’t wait to have more secret shows like this. Check out Jimmy’s band Greenbank for more awesome songs and live shows.

Damon Dowbak Quartet

If the Damon Dowbak Quartet challenged the devil to a shred off, I’m sure they would come out on top. Just saying these guys can play.

Brooklyn Doran

When a good friend plays at Algoma house it’s always exciting, especially when that friend is Brooklyn Doran. Check out her amazing songs and website below.

Midnight Vesta

Midnight Vesta is made up of extremely talented musicians who are all super nice. Some of the nicest house guests this place has ever had.

The Mayhemingways

The Mayhemingways are maybe the most chill road warriors the Algoma House has ever seen. These guys have mad skills both on the stage and on the highway. Above all, they have a true love of the road


When Greenbank plays here we describe them as more than house guests, their brothers. They got hearts gold, voices like angels and above all, they have style.

Kyle Milton Shushack

Ain’t nobody shred a guitar like Kyle Milton Shushack. Just saying he’s got mad skills both on the git box and as a songwriter